How Content Marketing Can Grow Your #Biz [+ how to get started!]

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I talk a lot about content marketing. From blogging to building out the content on your website, having a successful digital strategy requires content marketing. But, one question I get time and time again is this: "How can it grow my business?" Well, today I am answering that question—and giving you the tools you need to implement a content marketing strategy yourself!

Take a moment and think about a few of your favorite influencers in your field. What do they all have in common? What makes you choose them as influencers? One word: value. The people that we love to follow, watch, interact with, work with and listen to all have one thing in common—they offer us immense amounts of value. 

Whether it is through business advice, actionable tutorials or engaging reviews, the people that we are drawn to online are full of valuable information. So what drives us to think we should be striving for anything different? We want to be influential. We want to have followers. We want to grow our businesses, yet we tend to neglect the number one resource that we have that can help us grow! Our content!

So, how does this content actually help us grow? Here are just three [highly persuasive] ways, and the reasons you should start implementing a content marketing strategy today.

1. Increase your visibility

It seems like everyone these days is talking about search engine optimization (SEO). Well, want to know a secret? SEO is more about content than it has ever been before. Those little "black hat" tricks are not going to get your site to rank, but that thorough, in-depth, strategic content marketing campaign? Ya, Google eats that up like it is dinner.

The secret to SEO in 2015 is this: Build a site and deliver content that is user friendly, valuable and actionable. 

That's it. By thinking about your consumer, rather than the search engine, you will actually be building a site structure and foundation of authority that the search engine will love. 

Let's take the following search term for instance: "How to start a blog."

See those top three organic results? Guess what they all have in common? They all deliver TONS of valuable and useful content on how to start a blog. Simple, right?

Wrong. Just providing content is ok, but it won't get you the type of visibility that you need. In fact, it may not give you any visibility at all. In order to obtain the highest visibility, you need to strategically plan your value through content marketing. By choosing a topic that is valuable to your consumer, but not so over-saturated that it makes search engine visibility impossible, you can strategically begin to increase your ranking for related terms in your field.

For instance, if I am photographer in Knoxville, Tn, I may begin to build out a content marketing campaign around the topic "Knoxville Photography Venues." This would allow me to build out content surrounding local attractions, events and other photo opportunities, all while strategically targeting my geo-oriented search, ultimately setting myself up to rank for "Knoxville Photography."

Now, this does NOT work overnight, which is why strategy is so vital. But, is it necessary you ask? Yes. How do you expect to rank for "Knoxville Photography" if you have no content on your site to tell the search engine that you are related to that search term? Furthermore, how is the search engine going to know that your content is valuable if you don't have followers who loyally support you by visiting your site and linking to your pages?

You see, content marketing is all about strategically meeting your end while providing value to your consumer. 

2. Build your authority

All of the above leads me to my next point. Content marketing grows your business by increasing your authority. Have you ever stumbled upon a page looking for someone with a specific skill set, but them not found any information or content surrounding that skill on their website? Did you hire them? Work with them? I am going to go out on a limb here and say that the answer is no.

Having authority is all about having valuable content that intentionally shows your consumers that you not only know what you are talking about, but that you are also a thought leader in your field, a subject matter expert so to speak. 

If you are scraping by with one blog a month, no new web content, no social media activity and no intentional community grows, you are not going to build your authority. Yes, that is the truth.

You can have the most successful brick and mortar business in the town, but if you will not get online and build out your website with actionable and active content, you will not grow past the four walls of your building. Content marketing allows you to grow your business through thought leadership, actionable information and an increase of brand loyalty.

3. Drive more conversion

This topic would not be complete if I did not talk about conversions. I mean, that is what you ultimately want, right? You need your customers to not only find and respect you, but to also choose you. Well, content marketing can help with that too.

As you being to build out your content marketing campaign, you will find that by adding an increased ab=mount of value to your site, you will attract more people who are interested in your services. 

I had one client who specialized in handmade scarves. She was all about knitting and sewing, and her ultimate goal was to sell more of her product online. We worked together to build out her content marketing strategy around teaching others to do what she did, building her up as a thought leader in the DIY scarf space. You want to know what happened? Her sales soared. 

You see, content marketing not only draws people to you, but it also allows you to showcase what you do and why people should choose you. 

I specialize in content marketing. I have helped dozens of companies gain higher visibility, increase their authority and drive more conversions online through strategically targeting their consumers with content marketing. I know that you can do it too! You can build your business, increase your performance and achieve your goals, you just have to know where yo start!

And, lucky for you? I have created a course with an in-depth workbook to help you do just that, and it is launching NEXT WEEK! Together, we can determine how to strategically target your audience, grow your business and increase your success. Ready to try it out? Well, just for you, I am offering 75% off of this course if you sign up for my exclusive content marketing updates today. [I mean who doesn't love a great sale??!]

So what are you waiting for?! You know that content marketing is important, so let's take the first step to implementing a strategy that can change your business today! 

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So what do you think? Ready to jump into content marketing yet? Let me know your thoughts below!