The Ultimate list of #marketing and #business Twitter Chats [in ET]

Twitter chats are my jam. They are an amazing way to connect with other creative business owners, entrepreneurs and #bosses. But, sometimes finding them feels like pure luck. With so many amazing communities and chats, I decided to create the ultimate list of Twitter chats that you should add to your calendar TODAY. These include some I attend regularly, and others that I love to hop in and read whenever I have a free moment.

If you don't see your favorite chat on the list, leave it in the comments below!

(Listed in order of occurrence)


Host: Smarter Shift | @SmarterShft

Time: Mondays at 3p ET

Genre: Content Marketing



Host: Callie Gisler | @calliegisler

Time: Mondays at 9p ET

Genre: Creative Business Topics



Host: Mira Joleigh | @MiraJoleigh

Time: Mondays at 9p ET

Genre: Female Empowerment, Business Growth and Strategy



Host: CMI | @CMIContent

Time: Tuesdays at 12 p ET

Genre: Content Marketing



HostViveka von Rosen | @LinkedInExpert

Time: Tuesdays at 8p ET




Host: Chelsea Krost | @ChelseaKrost

Time: Tuesdays at 8p ET

Genre: Entrepreneurship, Careers + Trends For Millennials



Host: Ashley Beaudin | @ashleybeaudin

Time: Tuesdays at 9p ET

GenreEncouragement, Personal Growth + Influence



Host: Buffer | @buffer

Time: Wednesdays at 12P ET

Genre: Social Media Management + Growth



Host: Elizaveta Perstneva | @Perstneva

TimeWednesdays at 11a ET

Genre: Search Engine Marketing



Host: Kayla Hollatz | @kayla_hollatz

Time: Wednesdays at 8p ET

Genre: Creative Business Conversations | Community Growth



Host: Melyssa Griffin | @NectarCollect

Time: Every other Wednesday at 9p ET

Genre: Small Business Strategy + Marketing



Host: Kim Vij | @EducatorsSpin

Time: Wednesdays at 9p Et

Genre: Pinterest



Host: Caitlin Bacher |  @caitlinbacher

Time: Wednesdays at 10p ET

Genre: Marketing Strategy + Branding



Host: HubSpot | @HubSpot

Time: Thursdays at 1p ET

Genre: Inbound Marketing



Host: Hootsuite | @HootCommunity

Time: Thursdays at 3p ET

Genre: Social Media Management + Growth



Host: Lauren Hooker | @LaurenElizHook

Time: Thursdays at 8p ET

Genre: Design, Branding + Business Strategy

I am sure that I could go on and on, but these are the chats that you CANNOT miss—at least not without acknowledging their existence. These are chats that have cultivated communities of creatives, business owners and professionals that are passionate about what they do and actionable in their desire to learn and grow.

Did I miss your favorite chat? Let me know below, and tell me why you love it!



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