Content Marketing: 3 Ways to Revitalize your Brand Online

Content Marketing: 3 Ways to Revitalize your Brand Online

Do you feel like your brand is in a downward spiral, struggling to hold on? Or maybe that's not it at all, but rather you know the direction you want your brand to go, but you are finding it hard to actually obtain the type of audience that can make your digital dreams come true?

Well, believe it or not, you are not alone. In fact, most brands find themselves in this position at least once in their lifetime. 

Marketing is hard. Not only do you have to develop a brand that can stand the test of time, but you also have to support that brand with content, social engagement and consumer enticement if you want to compete with the numerous other brands that are vying for your target's attention online.

So, what does that mean? Well, it means that unfortunately having a great brand is not enough to sustain your business online—but fortunately there is a solution that can help you get you brand on the track to success.

The answer? Content Marketing.

Here are my top three tips for using content marketing to revitalize your brand:

1. Let your content highlight your brand.

What are your favorite elements of your brand? Is it your voice? Your style? Well, let your content highlight those elements, not overshadow them. 

A common misconception with content marketing is that the content needs to be reinvented, innovative and stand apart for everything else in order to succeed. But that's not true! Your consumers love your brand, so give them what they want! Take the assets that get the most love and expound on them to ultimately strengthen your brand online.

Need help figuring out where to start? I have created a nifty worksheet just for you! 

2. Use competitive research to determine your content strategy.

If your brand is struggling online, it is likely that you are not quite connecting with your target in the way that you need to in order to succeed. And, in an age when 92 percent of all American adults are online, I can almost guarantee that your target is out there, you just need to find them!

One of the best pieces of advice I give to clients is to look at your competitors! No, it isn't cheating! We all are working together to tell our consumers a story, so make sure your story fits into the story they are already engaging with online.

Competitive research allows you to take a snapshot of what others are doing (both effectively and ineffectively) in your market, and use that data to develop your strategy for success. And, sometimes you "competitors" may just turn out to be your new "BFF"s! (That's "Business Best Friends"- Love the concept from Regina over at ByRegina!).

Guess what, guys: There is room for all of us! We all bring something unique to our consumers, so let's work together! The better our cohesive story, the more consumer retention, loyalty and awareness we will all have!

3. Buy into the "freebie" mentality.

So, a lot of coaches will tell you that working for free is not the answer to revitalizing your brand—and I agree. But, in a world of "drive-through" consumption and a "what can you do for me?" consumer mentality, it is difficult for brands to find success online without buying into the "freebie" mindset.

By developing 1-2 great pieces of content that can be shared as "freebies," you will find that your consumer is more apt to connect, support and convert with a brand they feel has already given them something they value. 

This all comes from the idea that, "If you can give me something that I value for free, I know you can give me something more valuable if I pay." Sometimes we, as brands in a digital space, need to prove our worth—even if we have been around for years. 

Understanding that your consumer is inundated with content on a daily basis is the first step to giving your brand new life online. When you can strategically place your business into the conversation, your consumers will recognize and engage with your content and ultimately support your brand online.

Yes, I know that that is much easier said than done. But guess what? You can do it! Your brand is worth the fight, sweat and (sometimes) tears that marketing in a digital age requires.

And, when all else fails there are numerous avenues available to help you determine your needs and strategy to help your business find success online (including McAlpin Creative!). 

So, what are you waiting for? How are you using content to help your brand online? Let me know below!