5 great 2016 planners for #smallbiz owners: Under $40

So, it is that time again. As the fall breeze kicks our pumpkin spice lattes into full gear, its time to talk planners. Now, if you know me, then you know that I LOVE planners. I love organizing, writing and scheduling myself—sometimes too much.

One thing that I have found though, is that each year when September rolls around I'm always in the same place. Stuck between wanting the expensive planner of my dreams (uh, $65 for a planner?!), and wandering the Target isle looking for something that I can actually afford.

Now, now, before you go all "technology!" on me, let's get real. I love my Google calendar. In fact, I am about to share a tutorial with you on how to lifehack your way through using Google calendar as your content/life calendar. But—I still need paper.

There is something about actually "penciling" something in—and then crossing it off (hello, list-lover!)—that is so comforting. It leaves me feeling accomplished, successful and boss-lady-warrior-ful (?). 

So, without further ado, here are five awesome planners that I found that are under $40 dollars each. They each have something unique to love, room to write and beautiful designs (which if I'm being honest is half the battle). 

Best Year Ever

What I love:

  • Price: under $15!
  • 18 month (June 2015-December 2016)
  • Doodle pages
    • Great for the designer/dreamer/writer!
  • Motivational quotes throughout
  • Plenty of room for scheduling, customizing and more!
  • Great unique approach to a "planner"
    • This one is different from the rest, stands apart and shines as it's own creation. Definitely makes you want to organize your life and be successful!

Me and My Big Ideas

What I love:

  • Price: under $25!
  • 18-month planner (July 2015-Dec 2016)
  • Plasticish cover protects the pages from getting warped
  • Pages are thicker paper, more durable
  • Tabs make accessing different sections a breeze
  • Quotes and lovely designs throughout (win!)
  • Week view is vertical, with slots for morning, afternoon and evening
    • This is big for me because I love to see my week at a glance and see what times I am consistently busy.
  • Easily add or remove pages or sections


What I love:

  • Price: under $30!
  • Large design makes note-adding a breeze
  • Follows the more traditional "planner" approach
  • Great for those who like to task their day, rather than hour-by-hou scheduling
  • Simple design makes it a great compliment to any style

Kate Spade

What I love:

  • Price: under $35!
  • Ok, Kate. Spade.
  • 16-month planner (August 2015- December 2016)
  • Beautifully designed
  • Not too busy, allows for a lot of customization
  • Days are simply laid out
    • This is great for the list maker who doesn't necessarily love "scheduling"
  • Plenty of room for notes

Family planner

What I love:

  • Price: under $40
  • Made in the USA!
  • 16 month (August 2015-December 2016)
  • Full days + time slots
    • This is awesome for the over-scheduler who likes to plan out their day to the hour (hello, list!)
  • Area codes, maps and other cool extras
  • Plenty of space for notes and customization 
    • Don't let the "family" part fool you, this is perfect for the small biz owner, too!
  • Larger size
    • Definitely don't feel like I have to squeeze anything in!

And, drum roll.... Iam going to be using the "Me and My Big Ideas" planner this year! (Though I may have bought the "Best Year Ever" one too! Who says I can't have two planners?!)

What about you? What planner are you DYING to get your hands on this year (and what one will you actually buy?) Let me know below!


Full disclosure (cause that's how I roll): This post contains affiliate links—but rest assured, I only recommend what I actually love + research!