How to Get More Engagement on Facebook

Oh, Facebook. We love you, but we also hate you. You and your algorithmic bullying. I mean—come on. How many times have we pushed and pushed to grow our following on Facebook only to see those lousy "7 reach" notifications. I mean, 7?!? When you work hard for your 100, 200, or 1500 followers, only having  between 2-4% of your audience captive per post just isn't worth it, is it? 


I mean, these people like you. They wanted to follow you. Why should we be ok with only 2% of those people seeing our awesome content?! At that rate, it doesn't matter how much people share, comment or engage—the opportunity is just too low to actually deliver the KPI (key performance indicator) that we need.

And don't even get me started on boosting your posts... to your existing audience!

So, what? Why am I being all negative [Nancy] over here? 

Because, duh! I have good news!

Even with Facebook's stingy algorithm, we can still have the potential to capture 100% (how crazy would that be) of our Facebook followers' attention. [Disclaimer, this will only work with REAL followers. Like for like, paid or other types of bargained agreements will probably not follow through with the following strategy.]

A few months ago I was working with a client who was dying for higher engagement on Facebook. She knew that was where her target market was, and she knew she was sharing what they wanted to see (her audience was growing by the second, but her visibility was barely over 50!).

As I dug into her target market, I realized a few things right off the bat.

#1: Her target market was generally very engaging. They loved her product, they wanted to ask questions, and they wanted to talk to her.

#2: Her target did not want to go out of their way. Though they loved what she had to offer, they did not want to go out of their way to find it.

#3: Her target was much more likely to convert (about 60%) to customer [the ultimate goal] the more they saw her and consumed her awesome content.

So, what did these three things ultimately drive me to decide? We needed a strategy to get her content in front of— not 7, not 100 but—all of her followers. 

Ok, now that I have you on the edge of your seat, are you ready for the big reveal?

We asked her followers to do something crazy—change their settings.

[I created a super shareable template infographic with her that she shared as a boosted post to her entire following + I want to share it with you! ]

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Facebook's dirty little secret is that they offer us an opportunity to go around their algorithm if we (as consumers) want. [So guess I take back that bullying comment—sorry Facebook!]

Here is the step-by-step:

Go to any page you "like."

Go to any page you "like."

Click the arrow next to the "like" button and in the dropdown, select "See First."

Click the arrow next to the "like" button and in the dropdown, select "See First."

By asking your audience—who already want to follow you—to take this one simple step, you can increase your engagement astronomically. In fact, that client I told you about? She increased her engagement by more than 150%. 

These are your people. Give them what they want—better yet, show them how to get it!

What about you? How do you engage your audience on Facebook? Want to try my infographic approach? Let me know below!