What is branding anyways?

Well, my friend, I am glad that you asked. Your brand is your identity, your voice. Your brand is the sole contributor to your legacy. For a small business, entrepreneur or part-time creative, your brand is your lifeline. Having a disjointed brand means ignoring your consumer's need for consistency in the midst of a growing trust. From basic design elements to the tone of your communication, your brand acts as your consumer's gateway to your services.

All too often small businesses, and individuals, find themselves struggling to put on a consistent and engaging face, especially in our technologically driven age. With so many platforms, objectives and voices it is hard to keep it all straight—especially when you are building your business and focusing on your products and services.

That is where I come in. From brand audits (an in-depth review of your brand's impact, strengths and weaknesses) to brand development and design (where we work together to build your brand from the ground up), I will help you to add value and authority to your business.

Looking for personal branding?

Well, I have a little something for you as well. Whether you are currently seeking employment, or simply interested in building your personal brand as an entrepreneur or blogger, I offer personal brand audits and development.

So whatever your branding needs, I have you covered. Your brand is important, let's make it a good one.

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