Do you need a website?

Having a web presence is critical to scaling your business as a small business owner, entrepreneur or creative. If you have found yourself needing to increase your visibility online, look no further! I am passionate about helping small businesses grow. From brand development to content marketing, I know that I can help you increase your leads, referrals and visibility online. But the first step? A website.

I know that investing in your business in your beginning stages is difficult, which is why I am launching this exclusive offer for small business owners, creatives and entrepreneurs!

For just $497, I will get you off the ground with a website built to specifically meet your needs. Once built, you will be able and equipped to update, grow and enhance your site—or have me do it for you! 

How does it work?

We will hold a 30-minute call to discuss your needs, style and page requirements. Then? I will get to work! I will not only design and develop your site, but I will also craft content specifically developed to increase your visibility online through target search engine optimization. Your $497 website will include 5 pages of your choosing, with up to 350 words of content per page. For an additional $50 per page, I will add any pages needed to better meet your needs!

I design and create within the SquareSpace platform. That means, your hosting will be $8/mo-$18/mo depending on the type of site you desire (e-commerce, etc.). You will be responsible for paying this monthly fee directly to SquareSpace. If you do not already have a domain registered, there will be an additional fee to claim this as well, also performed through SquareSpace.

Ready to invest? Let's do it! Contact me below to discuss your business, needs and our timeline for delivery!

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