The Story

Find and pursue passion.

That was the spark that lit the fire behind McAlpin Creative. Through twists and turns, it’s how we’ve ended here today. McAlpin Creative originally began Fall of2015 as a marketing consulting company, with Ashley (that’s me) as the sole consultant. After a successful year working with numerous (amazing) clients, McAlpin Creative took a back seat as I grew deeper into my “day-job” as the Director of Marketing for a SaaS organization.

Fast forward to fall of 2018.

We were pursuing various investment opportunities, trying to find a business that we were passionate about to invest our nights and weekends into. Opportunity after opportunity, the doors seemed to close on us. Kevin and I both knew that we had a yearning to build a business together, but were struggling to find the balance of a business that we could launch and grow, and one that would overtake our (and our family’s) lives.

So we went back to the basics.

What are we passionate about? That’s a question I have asked myself a lot. The older I get, the more I seem to pursue passion over all else. I’m a creator at heart. Painting was my first love, and Kevin is a builder, or maybe a “tinker” would be a more fitting term (and one our young daughter, who has an ever-growing obsession with Tinkerbell, would love). And that’s where it all began.

A few investments and a handful of test projects later, and here we are. Your go-to for home-town home goods. Specializing in DIY kits that allow you to take part in what we’re passionate about, (and maybe find your passion too!). Whether it’s for girls night, or date night. If you build it—you will love it.

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